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Aubrey Plaza psychoanalyzes you in the new teaser for season 2 of Legion

“It was all a dream” is a common trope in fiction, with characters discovering that everything they thought they experienced was all an illusion, but it’s rare that the “it was all a dream” twist actually applies to you—i.e., the person reading the book or watching the movie. That’s what this new teaser for season two of FX’s Legion is all about, though, with Aubrey Plaza explaining that all of the cool stuff you thought you saw in season one of Legion was all in your head. Of course, Plaza did play the main villain in season one of Legion, and it seems pretty clear that there’s some twisted stuff happening here beyond her assurances that you’re crazy.

It’s possible that you’re not crazy, and the first season of Legion did happen as well remember it (from the memorable musical moments to the disappointing conclusion), but there’s no way to know until the show’s second season hits FX on April 3.


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