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Baby Yoda's a stone-cold killer now

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Baby Yoda is adorable, sure, but his appearances on The Mandalorian have also shown that he’s a Force-powered murder machine of unrivaled potential. While merchandise and social media has mostly focused on his cuteness, a video game modder has decided to hone in on darker, violent side through a welcome addition to online shooter Star Wars: Battlefront II.

A video of Boda in action shows him ripping through a level in his cozy-looking metal bassinet, green fox ears alert to the sound of nearby foes in need of some heart-warming reverse infanticide. He makes gurgly cooing noises as he goes about his grim task, never stopping to question the purity of his mission. A variety of stormtroopers are zapped by bolts of electricity. He breaks their bodies by smacking into them with his little vehicle. He whips to death with a whirring cyclone of extendable metal slaughter-wires. All the while, the cute noises continue and his face remains impassive.

These scenes of baby-enabled mayhem were made possible through the efforts of someone who goes by the handle “nanobuds” on Nexus Mods, a repository for downloadable video game modifications. The Boda model replaces Battlefront II’s official inclusion of BB-8, which means that, although you are able to use the mod to kill online opponents as an adorable alien child, the original droid’s arm and wire animations are still present as a leftover effect.

Nanobuds writes that they “started this as a joke mod but it ended up being pretty cool” on the mod’s page. “He looks wacky on the [front end]. There is nothing I can do about this ... Everything is fine in-game though.”


As “wacky” as some of the animations may look, it’s still commendable that nanobuds has used modern technology to give everyone the ability to play pretend as Baby Yoda in a never-ending array of online death matches. In the past, children would have had to content themselves with buying action figures and smashing them together. Now, in the 21st century, we can make a tiny baby alien murder for our enjoyment with far greater fidelity. We’ve seen the future, baby (Yoda), and it’s video game murder.

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