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Beck is debuting a new song on Sunday night that shows off his cheerful side

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Occasionally dour alt-rocker Beck will be releasing a new track Sunday night, in advance of his follow-up album to 2014’s Morning Phase. In an interview with Alt 98.7, the Odelay rocker described the new work as the “opposite” of his morose Grammy-winning release. That vibe comes through in the hints Beck has been dropping about the album, including videos on his Twitter and Instagrams of abstract zoom shots and surrealist party favors hovering over his face. (Admittedly, said face is still locked in an expression of stoic contemplation, but hey, Beck wasn’t pleased in a day.)


The videos also carry lively, guitar-heavy clips of the new song, titled “Dreams.” It’s hard to extrapolate much from 15-second snippets, but Beck describes the song as a mixture of garage rock and dance music, and says that it was specifically designed to give him something lively to play when he’s on tour. (Even if nobody knows better than Beck how dangerous things can get when a performer gets too enthusiastic during a show).

“Dreams” will debut on internet radio platform iHeartRadio at midnight EST on Sunday night. Beck was tight-lipped in regards to release dates for the as-yet untitled album, saying only that “it’s done when it’s done,” because even a Cheerful Beck can only go so far.