Photo: Matador Records

To commemorate the 20 years that have passed since the last time they released three consecutive EPs—1997's Dog On Wheels, Lazy Line Painter Jane, and 3.. 6.. 9 Seconds Of Light—Scottish twee-pop superstars Belle & Sebastian have announced that they’ll be releasing three more EPs in quick succession this winter. All titled How To Solve Our Human Problems, the first EP will be released on December 8, the second on January 19, and the third on February 16. That’ll be 15 songs in total, enough for a double LP, although How To Solve Our Human Problems will instead be compiled into a vinyl boxed set after the release of Part 3 in February.

Accompanying the announcement is the first single, “I’ll Be Your Pilot,” a characteristically wistful slice of Belle & Sebastian’s signature “napping in a sunbeam” sound. You can hear that, and see the album covers and track listings for all three How To Solve Our Human Problems EPs below.


How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 1 - Tracklisting:

1. Sweet Dew Lee

2. We Were Beautiful

3. Fickle Season

4. The Girl Doesn’t Get It

5. Everything Is Now



How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 2 - Tracklisting:

1. Show Me The Sun

2. Same Star

3. I’ll Be Your Pilot

4. Cornflakes

5. A Plague On All Other Boys



How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 3 - Tracklisting:

1. Poor Boy

2. Everything Is Now (Part Two)

3. Too Many Tears

4. There Is An Everlasting Song

5. Best Friend