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Bid a (hopefully temporary) farewell to Miracle Workers

Daniel Radcliffe, Karan Soni
Daniel Radcliffe, Karan Soni
Photo: Stanislav Honzík (TBS)

Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Tuesday, March 31. All times are Eastern. 


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Miracle Workers (TBS, 10:30 p.m., second season finale): Tonight, Miracle Workers closes the chapter on the Dark Ages with all-out war. Unlike most escapist fare, Dark Ages doesn’t present a vision of a past or present that’s enviable compared to our current real-life state of affairs. But the second season of Simon Rich’s lighthearted anthology series is as steadfastly optimistic as the first about the ability of its core ensemble to prevail against even the bleakest of odds. Dark Ages changed up the power dynamic considerably, sending Steve Buscemi from the throne of Heaven to the bowels of Lower Murkford as Ed Shitshoveler and promoting Daniel Radcliffe from pencil-pushing angel to royal man-child Prince Chauncley. Geraldine Viswanathan and Karan Soni, however, remain as clever as ever as the hoydenish Al(exandra) Shitshoveler and striving Lord Vexler, respectively. In the first part of the season finale, “Moving Out,” a world-ending threat was revealed, as Princess Vicky of Valdroggia (Greta Lee) initiated the siege of Murkford after Chauncley called off their wedding. (But what about Al and Chauncley? You’ll find out soon enough.) In “Moving Out: Part Two,” our heroes—and Mikey (Jon Bass)—take very different stands against the Valdrogian invasion, but writer Dan Mick’s mix of gallows humor and humanity remains firmly in place. It’s a rousing end to a second season of Miracle Workers that might not have shone as brightly as the first, but still managed to say a lot about rejecting old, unviable ways and forging new paths; about realizing that “we’ll have a much better chance if we work together.” There’s no word yet on whether there’ll be a third season of Miracle Workers, but if this is the last time we see this cast and crew together, at least they managed to achieve some alchemy in the Dark Ages. [Danette Chavez]

Can you binge it? Yes, but it’ll cost you—unless you’ve already got TBS access through your cable account, in which case you can watch for free through TBS’ website or your OnDemand service (no extra charge, though there are ads.) Otherwise, you can purchase either or both seasons—which, as this is an anthology, can be watched separately, though we recommend both—through Amazon, Vudu, and other such services.

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Conan (TBS, 11 p.m.): Late night is very, very strange at the moment. Samantha Bee is in the woods in upstate New York. John Oliver did an episode of Last Week Tonight that seems to have been filmed inside Janet’s void. And like several of his cohorts, Conan is working from home, filming on an iPhone, and interviewing guests by video chat. Tonight’s guest is Sophie Turner, and that’s the tea.

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