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Black Panther continues to pounce on ticket presale records

(Photo: Marvel Studios,  Matt Kennedy)
(Photo: Marvel Studios, Matt Kennedy)

Just a few weeks ago, we reported that Marvel’s Black Panther had already broken the ticket presale record for a Marvel movie, outpacing Captain America: Civil War in the first 24 hours that tickets were on sale. Now, Deadline says that Black Panther has broken the ticket presale record for all superhero movies, beating the previous one set by Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice—though this battle could’ve been prevented if only Black Panther’s mom had the same name as Batman V Superman’s mom. Black Panther is also reportedly the top daily ticket seller on Fandango even though the movie doesn’t come out for over two weeks, meaning it’s doing better than some movies that are already in theaters.


On top of all of that, the Deadline story also points out that social media buzz surrounding Black Panther skyrocketed after its world premiere on Monday night, with about 20,000 new followers heading to the movie’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds. It’s worth noting that this early buzz doesn’t necessarily translate to a runaway box office success, but movie industry experts believe that Black Panther might come in at as high as $150 million over its first four days—which would be just shy of the record Deadpool set when it opened around this time of year in 2016.