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As you have no doubt been reminded by our ongoing walkthrough with showrunner Terence Winter (as well as the wonderful ads on our grateful website), the second season of HBO's Boardwalk Empire was all about Steve Buscemi's Nucky eventually accepting the now-familiar dare, "You can't be half a gangster." And as this third season trailer demonstrates, it's a lesson that Nucky has definitely taken to heart. Not only is he not just an angry torso; in practically every other scene he's waving that gun around, having apparently never let go of it after last year's finale.


Some of the people who find themselves on either side of Nucky's gun are new to the show, including Bobby Cannavale, Stephen Root, and James Cromwell. Many of them are not—and wisely, despite Jimmy's absence, it seems the show has decided to up the presence of masked gunman Richard Harrow this season (even if it probably could have dispensed with Gretchen Mol already). All in all, there are lots of people here having things smashed into their heads, or smashing things into other people's heads in all sorts of exciting ways, proving Jimmy was right: Being a full-on gangster is so much better.

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