Last month’s teaser for Robert Zemeckis’ new spy thriller Allied gave us the barest outline for its cloak and dagger-based shenanigans: some gunplay, some ominous looks, a lot of smooching between Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. Today, though, we’re finally getting to the movie’s meaty premise, with a new trailer confirming that Cotillard’s former French Resistance fighter might not be exactly what she seems.

Cut to a nervous and/or angry Brad Pitt, as a scowling Jared Harris informs him that his wife might be a German spy, and that he’ll have to “divorce” her personally, Total Recall style, if the accusations turn out to be true. The trailer also makes it clear that Zemeckis is following his usual M.O. of late, using a big, flashy incident—World War II, in this case, instead of the plane crash used to similar effect in Flight—to set off a more personal tale of human frailty and trust.

Allied sneaks its way into theaters on November 23.