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Breaking: There's a goddamn cow running around in Brooklyn right now

Because the news cycle and, indeed, life itself is an unceasing parade of humiliation and despair, we must occasionally turn our attention—all at once, suddenly and fully—upon an animal. A dog walking into the room at a party, a llama running loose on the freeway, a cat crawling into your lap—these are the few moments that make life worth living, the animal’s docile but mysterious nature providing an unceasing reward for your attention.

Today, there is a cow. It is on the loose in Brooklyn. Halt, momentarily, from the urge to absorb and comment upon everything occurring within the wide, furious internet and look at the cow as it lazily walks in circles in Prospect Park, evading the attention of authorities. Here are five damn live feeds of it so you do not miss a second, as well as a live feed on Twitter:


Nobody’s even really sure where the cow came from. What they do know is that it is walking around the soccer field like it’s warming up for a beer league game because the weather is nice. As with other cases of animals run amok, there’s a surprising amount of standing around and waiting the wily beast out.

Please enjoy the cow, at least until everyone finds out that it’s racist and we have to scrub this moment from our memories. For now, it is gloriously free.

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