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Bruce Willis’ Return Of Bruno is still weird and brilliant 29 years later

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Way back in 1987, when he was just “that guy from Moonlighting,” Bruce Willis starred in an HBO mockumentary called The Return Of Bruno. The movie tells the story of Willis’ musical alter ego, New Jersey rocker Bruno Radolini. (The film also shared a title with Willis’ first album.)

According to the film, Radolini was responsible for everything from getting The Beatles together to inspiring a young Jon Bon Jovi, and was a key part of the “Second Revolutionary War,” a response to the British Invasion.

The movie features an absolutely insane cast, including Paul Stanley, Phil Collins, Ringo Starr, Michael J. Fox, and the Bee Gees, as well as having a really great parody psychedelic-rock video in the middle of it. Someone has taken the liberty of digitizing this weird ’80s gem and putting it online, and you should really take some time today and watch it. (Actually, you only really need to watch the first two-thirds. The last 20 minutes is just a straight-up Bruce Willis concert and no one needs to see that.)


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