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Carrie Fisher is joining the second season of Legit

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Jim Jeffries’ Legit was one of three shows that FX originally chose to send to its new sister channel FXX, along with The League and It’s Always Sunny—all of which will now be joined by the final season of Wilfred. Jeffries’ series had to break out of Louie’s shadow in its first season (even though Louis CK’s show wasn’t airing any episodes during 2013), just by nature of its being another show where a standup plays himself, while adapting bits from his act into full episodes. Now its second season will get the added curiosity factor of Carrie Fisher dropping by in a guest role. She’ll play “top comedy development executive” Angela Greenberg, who sees one of Jeffries’ standup sets and “offers to help him professionally—but her motives aren’t entirely professional.” From Jeffries’ standup, that probably means something along the lines of Kathleen Turner’s role in Californication, or Melissa Leo's on Louie; in other words, Jim Jeffries is probably going to hook up with Carrie Fisher.