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Cat wrecks video game stream by barfing so hard it breaks a computer

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Cats ask very little of us. They need to be fed, brushed, given water and toys to play with, and have their litter changed. In return, they provide love and companionship, tempered only with the annoyances of some occasional early morning meowing and ill-timed explosions of barf.


Because cats, for all their redeeming qualities, are also great at yacking stuff up in the last place you’d want them to, a live streamer who goes by JadedBlue will now be taking a break from playing games on the internet. As a perfectly framed clip shows, his cat Kelsier decided to cut short a Twitch broadcast yesterday by ralphing with such incredible volume and direction that it broke a computer.

The video proceeds like a low-stakes horror short: JadedBlue is playing a game, hears some disconcerting meows and asks “What’s the matter, buddy?” After recognizing the first of several disgustingly wet-sounding cat gags, he looks to his left, pleads “Oh, dude...dude,” and the stream abruptly cuts off. Kelsier the cat, full of feline dignity (and hastily eaten food), yartzed so hard it cut the video immediately.

Later, the streamer announced, with the grossest photographic evidence possible, that he won’t “be streaming for a little bit” because Kelsier “ended up puking directly into my computer,” likely wrecking the motherboard, graphics card, and power supply in the process.

Warning: the below tweet contains photograph evidence of cat puke.

This is the nature of the world. Cats are not stuffed animals. They are living, breathing creatures whose affection comes with a few small caveats—like that sometimes, in exchange for all the good they bring, they’ll vomit straight into the top of your computer, costing you hundreds of dollars and interfering with your video game streaming schedule.

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