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CBS’s new MacGyver trades mullet chic for Hanson brother hair

Ever since CBS announced that it was bringing MacGyver back to TV last year, one question has loomed over the production, like the gentle waves of luxurious, lustrous hair streaming down Richard Dean Anderson’s nape: Would the new incarnation of TV’s beloved DIY superhero feature the character’s signature hairstyle?


Alas, we now have our answer, with CBS offering up the first look at Lucas Till’s take on television’s most famous Angus. And while his haircut is clearly partying in the back—as well it should—it’s also partying in the front, in clear contravention of the long-respected Mullet Accords. (It’s just too much hair-partying, is our point.) We can only close our eyes and hope that this crime will be corrected the next time MacGyver gets rebooted, in 20 or so years.

But tonsorial travesties aside, the trailer does seem to be capturing the basic MacGyver beats: Tricky situations, improvised explosives, and some well-timed feats of archery. It also gives us a glimpse of the show’s supporting cast, including CSI’s George Eads as the grouchy, skeptical sidekick forced to weather Till’s whimsical smirks.