These days, the streets can be a dangerous place. But if you’re one of the lucky residents of the great state of Texas, your streets are about to get a whole lot safer. Or a whole lot more dangerous, depending on how you look at it. On September 1st, a new Texas state law goes into effect that will make it legal to openly carry knives and blades longer than 5.5 inches. And who better to share this good legislative news with the people of the Lone Star State than the man the BBC once called “the loudest lawyer in America”: Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk.

Teaming up with Cheaper Than Dirt, a Texas-based guns, ammo, and outdoor equipment retailer, the Law Hawk screams at viewers about the newly minted holiday, Texas Sword Day, and invites them to creatively work swords into everyday activities. Mixed in with the slow-motion shots of a man slicing a pizza midair with a katana, there’s an important message about your legal rights. “Large blades will still be restricted in some locations like hospitals, churches, or court houses,” says a man who is definitely a real cop and not just an actor. “And if you take one to the schoolhouse, that’s a felony.”


So, if you’re a Texas resident that’s been itching to walk the grocery store with a two-handed broadsword strapped to your back, September 1st is your day. But remember what the Law Hawk says: “Texas Sword Day isn’t about scaring people. It’s about freedom.” Amen.