Do you ever get the feeling that you've seen something before? Well, that feeling is called "Déjá Vu," or as it's more commonly known, "reading entertainment news." For example, here are three stories culled from the weekend's entertainment news that I know I've seen before: 1. Pamela Anderson gets married in a bikini

What's great about this picture is that it contains everything you ever wanted to know, and everything you never wanted to consider, about Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson's relationship: from the drunk, downcast looks, to the captain's hat, to the diamond buckle barely containing his paunch. I know I've seen her get married in a bikini at least three times by now. 2.


Mel Gibson is a drunk-driving anti-semite

This story's great and all, especially the "sugar tits" part, but didn't he already do the


drunk-driving and the anti-semitism? Now he's just doing both at once. Gibson should at least be moving on to hatred of other groups, like maybe the Spanish. It could be a nice tie-in for Apocalypto. 3. George Michael caught cruising in a park

Why is this still news? Oh, because of

this guy. Fair enough.