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After watching the trailer for the Christmas rom-com/stealth George Michael jukebox musical Last Christmas, we here at The A.V. Club have decided that this movie has to have a massive twist of some sort. The popular theory is that it’s a literal interpretation of the song it’s named after: Tom (Henry Golding) died the previous Christmas, and through the magic of organ donation cynical department-store elf Kate (Emilia Clarke) got his heart. Now he’s haunting her—but in, like, a romantic way. There are other possibilities, though:

  • She’s got a brain tumor, and is hallucinating him
  • He’s got a brain tumor, and is hallucinating her
  • He’s a private investigator sent by Santa Claus to investigate allegations of lack of cheer amongst the elves
  • They’re both extremely good-looking aliens
  • The entire film takes place in the mind of a 19th-century street urchin dying of hypothermia on the very spot where Tom and Kate will one day meet cute

If you live in Chicago, you can be among the first to find out if any of these theories are correct by attending an advance screening of Last Christmas on Tuesday, November 5 at 7:00 PM at our usual haunt (pun intended) of the AMC River East. To enter to win and admit-two pass, simply follow this link and fill out some basic information. Just remember to arrive early, as advance screenings are intentionally overbooked to ensure capacity.

Last Christmas opens in theaters everywhere on November 8.

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