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Chicago, get acquainted with Generation Wealth for free

Photo: Amazon Studios

Photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield has made a career out of documenting the latter-day Neros whose massive wealth has allowed them to keep fiddling as American society burns all around them. Last week, Generation Wealth, Greenfield’s documentary follow-up to her acclaimed 2012 film The Queen Of Versailles, opened in limited release, and now we’ve got an opportunity for common folk to see it for free as it continues to expand into theaters across America.

This is still a rather elite opportunity, as it’s only open to the first 100 readers in Chicago who follow this link and fill out some basic information in exchange for an admit-two pass to an advance screening of the film. That’ll take place at the Landmark Century Cinema ( 2828 N Clark St.) this coming Tuesday, July 31, at 7:00 p.m. Just make sure you show up early, as advance screenings are always overbooked—not to teach an annoying object lesson about supply and demand, but simply to ensure that all the seats are filled.


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