For lo these many weeks, Community fans have wandered the deserts of the Internet, tormented by mirages in the gossamer form of casting announcements and the mocking buzzard shriek of TV Club notifications. They clung to sanity by talking to themselves endlessly, but still their heads filled with strange, distorted images that made it seem as though they were seeing the cast’s faces everywhere—in other movies and TV shows, even on cartoon and video game characters. Everywhere, in fact, except for where they belonged: on their televisions, on Thursday night. Bearing witness to their miseries, even the Muses wept.

But hear these words: Your exile will be soon over. And these latest images? They are not a mirage. For Community fans, they are glimpses of the promised land—a promised land that will be reached on March 15, barring any nuclear explosions—and they include adorable riots, massive pillow fights, horrible Michael Jackson impressions, evil goatees, and far too many other things to enumerate here but that you can spend the next week discussing at length, rallying yourself with a morale-boosting yet unabashedly self-serving speech in the style of a certain TV character. So look upon them, Community’s chosen people, and know you are almost home.