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Controversy once again envelops WeRateDogs, a Twitter account about rating dogs

Photo: John P Kelly (Getty Images)

Twitter account WeRateDogs has become one of the great focal points of modern dog adoration, thanks in part to its sheer overwhelming enthusiasm. Pretty much every dog gets way more than the 10 allotted points, often with affectionate commentary like “would floof again” or “good boy levels off the heckin charts.” Last year, account holder Matt Nelson was unfortunately online the night of Trump’s grand “covfefe” tweet, and so he quickly capitalized on it, selling a “Covfefe AF” hat from the official WeRateDogs store. Controversy ensued—first that he was profiting over the ongoing tragedy of the Trump administration, and then that he chose to donate half of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood—and so Nelson swore off any and all possible political actions from the account. Just good boys getting rated.

All seemed fine until yesterday, when someone noticed he had changed a dog’s name from “Kanan” to “George”:


When called on the name change, Nelson responded that “the name plays a massive role in how well the post does.” Then added:

This, in short, did not go over well, not just because he was changing dogs’ names, which seems like some sort of crime, but because he was changing them to be more white. Pablo would be fine in this tweet!


The backlash grew to such a furor, perhaps recalling the tempests of Covfefe-gate, that Nelson finally said:


Order is restored in the universe.

[via Daily Dot]


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