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Cool parents risk the Wrath Of The Mouse by creating homemade Disneyland ride for daughter's birthday

We heard they still charged her like $20 for a small soda, though

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Homemade Han Solo recruits the Rebel Alliance’s first child soldiers.
Homemade Han Solo recruits the Rebel Alliance’s first child soldiers.
Screenshot: Disneyland At Home for Indy’s Birthday

As the brains that power Disney’s ever-hungry maw work to create new attractions designed to delight, astonish, and mine dollars from the wallets of its theme park visitors, a cool pair of parents have decided to bypass the parks entirely by creating a homemade version of Star Tours in their garage for their kid’s birthday party.

A video uploaded to the parent’s YouTube account, left properly anonymous and titled, simply, “Disneyland At Home For Indy’s Birthday,” shows the ride in action. Modelled on “the original 1987 version of Star Tours,” the garage attraction features a big, handmade space shuttle surrounded by those distinctive Star Wars crates, a droid, and a guy (maybe the dad) in a Han Solo costume. After taking a properly immersive flight inside the ship, which is rigged up to include a TV and moves around by being jostled from the outside, the kids emerge to meet Leia and run away from Darth Vader by escaping into the light of day.

The description says that the daughter “requested a Disneyland themed party at our house for her birthday in April” all the way back in fall, 2019. After already building “a couple of attractions,” the party had to be cancelled because of the pandemic and rescheduled to be held a year later. The extra time, going from the the above video, seems to have been well spent. (No word yet, however, on whether these parents also built a tiny Matterhorn Bobsleds coaster in their backyard.)


“We do not make ANY MONEY in any way from these videos,” the description continues. “This party was something fun for our kids and their friends and families to experience, and these subsequent videos were created for those kids and anyone else who might enjoy them. We hope that these videos are viewed by copyright owners as a love letter to Disneyland ...”

We hope this plea is enough to satiate the Mouse’s lawyers. Perhaps they’ll see the smiles on the childrens’ faces in the video and decide to retire to their caverns for now. Or, who knows, maybe they can just buy it from him and incorporate it into a new theme park extension: Disneyland Garage.


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