For many people, Christopher Walken isn’t the Oscar winner who cut a stark, gripping presence in movies like The Deer Hunter and The Dead Zone, but rather as the guy who puts an odd emphasis on his words in movies like Click and Joe Dirt (okay, this Joe Dirt scene is actually really funny). That’s not a bad thing, necessarily; we love hearing Walken’s inimitable purr any day of the week, especially if it involves him reading Goodnight, Moon.

It turns out the Foo Fighters do, too. During a recent interview with Radio X, frontman Dave Grohl revealed that they more or less tricked Walken into exploiting his own cadence during a Saturday Night Live appearance in 2003.


After Walken asked them if the accent was on “Foo” or “Fighters,” Grohl told him the latter, knowing exactly how it would sound in Walken’s mouth. If you can’t imagine it for yourself, check it out above.

If only he could’ve brought that kind of magic to Nine Lives.

[via Mashable]