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David Cross's long-standing feud with Jim Belushi has finally reached the heights that only an angry hipster comedian's feud with a hacky, harmonica-blowing brother of John Belushi can: a 45 second YouTube clip of Cross crashing the stage, dancing with unbridled mock enthusiasm, and being escorted off the stage during one of Belushi's gigs with his band, The Sacred Hearts.

(Thanks to The Apiary for the clip.) Possible reasons that David Cross would do this: 1. Maybe that's not David Cross. (Though it does look like him.) 2. Being a jerk is kind of funny. 3. Well, there's this. 4. And, of course, there's this description of The Sacred Hearts from Belushi's website:

The first thing you need to know about Jim Belushi is that he's a performer. Not an actor, not a comedian, not a singer, but a performer. Which is pretty much all those things put together and multiplied by two or five or something. The second thing you need to know- and this is in some ways more important than the first thing- is that he has absolutely no shame. None. Zip. Zero.

Add those two things together and you have a pretty good working definition of that most indescribable of qualities known as presence. And, as anyone who's spent two minutes with the guy knows, Jim's got it. Big time!


Now, there's no indication that Jim himself wrote this description. But it is far too easy to picture him hunched over a yellow legal pad, sunglasses on, thinking about the best way to describe his most indescribable quality in the third person, "'Jim Belushi is an actor.' No. I'm more than that. 'Jim Belushi is an actor AND a comedian AND a singer.' Hmm. What single word could encompass all of my myriad gifts?" It was probably this image, coupled with the electrifying, anything-can-happen atmosphere at every Jim Belushi & The Sacred Hearts show, that spurred Cross to disregard Belushi's dancing-women-and-Sacred-Hearts-only rule, and jump on stage. What do y'all think?

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