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Diane: It’s Twin Peaks Day 2021

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It’s February 24 and, as a big, wise man once indicated, “It is happening again.” As has become tradition, Twin Peaks Day—commemorating Special Agent Dale Cooper’s arrival in the sleepy Washington town to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer—has arrived once more and Kyle MacLachlan is on hand to celebrate.


In years past, MacLachlan marked the occasion by reciting his introductory scene’s dialogue in a car and recreating the entire thing with nothing more than an exercise bike and a cardboard backdrop. While he doesn’t seem to have figured out a way to one-up any of these yet—we suggest freaking everyone out by either throwing on a lime green suit jacket or slicking his hair back and scowling—MacLachlan’s been on hand to shout out articles about Cooper, suggest fans enjoy some cherry pie and coffee, and urge caution when sipping a cup of “Windom Earle” Grey tea—damn fine or not—on this most sacred of days.

Otherwise, MacLachlan just continues to give the impression that he spends February 24 keeping a watchful eye over all that falls within his domain. When The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal tweeted in support of Twin Peaks Day with a #MyLogDoesNotJudge, it wasn’t long before MacLachlan responded with an immensely dorky, immensely endearing “Cherry pie and a damn fine coffee is the way.”

Now that we know another season of Twin Peaks is either being kept very secret or just isn’t on its way anytime soon (which is fine; The Return ended perfectly), February 24 is probably the best chance we have to see Kyle MacLachlan publicly channel the spirit of Special Agent Cooper. Fortunately, he continues to be more than willing to use every Twin Peaks Day as an opportunity to give ourselves the present of some welcome TV memories.

UPDATE: Kyle MacLachlan has continued celebrating Twin Peaks Day with a trio of TikTok duets. In one, he watches a fan pantomime one of his scenes from the show, awarding the performance Cooper’s highest approval: A big thumbs-up. In another, he mirrors another fan document their collection of Twin Peaks merch by showing off his own (along with a Flintstones movie doll in his likeness.)

The best of these TikToks so far, though, consists of nothing more than MacLachlan sipping coffee in a suit and getting all hot and bothered watching a cherry pie being prepared. We highly suggest you take a few seconds to watch it since words alone cannot do justice to the intensity of feeling MacLachlan wordlessly communicates in this acting masterclass.


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