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Disaster Movie Trailer Kills Comedy

The last time we checked in with Disaster Movie, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer were merely torturing comedy, shoving a towel made out of pop culture references down its throat and pouring water in the form of terrible puns on top of that in order to give the feeling of drowning. But with the new trailer for Disaster Movie, a spoof movie that fits only the loosest definitions of both "spoof" and "movie," it's become very clear that their torture of comedy has reached its inevitable conclusion. In short, Disaster Movie has killed comedy. As far as this "movie" is concerned, it is beyond dead. And, in fact, by watching the Disaster Movie trailer, you can even go through the 5 stages of grief for your old friend taken far too soon, comedy:

1. Denial

"Wait: A cow just fell on Iron Man? That can't be a joke. Iron Man isn't even a disaster movie. And it just came out. They can't be serious. This can't be happening."

2. Anger


"Hannah Montana gets crushed by a rock? Are you fucking kidding? That doesn't even look like Hannah Montana. So they're just going to crush a bunch of pop culture references with rocks? How can these people continue to make this crap? What did we do to deserve this?"

3. Bargaining

"Ok, fine. Friedberg & Seltzer can just injure every main character from every major release of the past year and a half. Hulk getting his pants ripped off? Cool. The woman from Enchanted getting hit by a car? Fine. That'll be their thing. We can live with that, as long as they promise to go away."

4. Depression


"Ugh. A drag queen dressed as Carrie from Sex & The City meets Juno for a fight including a Zohan reference? How has it come to this? What's the point in even fighting anymore? This is all just so sad and idiotic."

5. Acceptance


"Well, at least it'll all be over soon. RIP, comedy."

For the full one and a half minutes of grief, click below.



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