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The Roxie Theater is going to the dogs this month, as Mashable reports the San Francisco establishment will open its doors to our beloved canines for a screening of Wes Anderson’s Isle Of Dogs.

In a statement, the Roxie declared that “dogs are invited and will be in attendance” at a March 19 showing of the stop-motion film, which has Bryan Cranston voicing Chief, the leader of a pack of exiled doggos. Now for the fine print: You don’t need to have a furry friend to attend the screening, but you will need to spring for an extra ticket if you do plan to bring your pup. If your shaggy pal tends to wander or is on the aggressive side, bear in mind that the Roxie’s management says “owners are responsible for their dog’s behavior. Overly aggressive or uncontrollable dogs will be asked to leave.” So unless your unruly dog is a huge fan of The Grand Budapest Hotel, you might want to leave them parked in front of the new Benji movie at home.


Isle Of Dogs, which also features the voices of Jeff Goldblum, Yoko Ono, Greta Gerwig, and Courtney B. Vance, hits theaters March 23.

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