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Dollhouse gets renewed. Nerds win!

Wooooooooooooooo! In your face! [/embarrassing fanboy freakout]

After months of anticipatory despair over its inevitable cancellation—the “save this show” campaigns began well before the show even aired—Joss Whedon’s ambitious cult sci-fi show Dollhouse has been renewed for a second season. Despite what could generously be called anemic ratings, FOX has ordered another 13 episodes, based on several contributing factors: High DVR and online streaming numbers, the potential for strong DVD sales from the Whedon mob, and major budgetary concessions from 20th TV and Whedon. Like a lot of critics and fans, the suits were reportedly pleased with the second half of the show’s first season, when it overcame a (heavily reported) rocky start and started to find its voice.


So starting next fall, Dollhouse will return to Fridays and yours truly will return to recapping it every week for the faithful (and the skeptical). FOX will make it official on Monday. In the meantime, pray for Chuck. Hooray for quality TV!

UPDATE (from Keith Phipps, not Scott Tobias): Looks like ABC has picked up Better Off Ted for more episodes too. Be sure to watch next year. It's a pretty fun show. (Word is the Veridian Dynamics may be sponsoring some of the episodes.)