Donald Glover’s attempts at napping keep getting messed up in the new trailer for his upcoming FX show Atlanta. A small child, a vacuum, and a pair of hands clapping together are among the perils that keep him from restful shut-eye as he tries to sleep in such locales as a hammock and various beds—one of them of the bunk variety.

In Atlanta, Glover plays Earn Marks, a manager who works with his rapper cousin, Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry). Hence, you’ll note one of the various places Earn sleeps in the promo is a recording studio. Like the first teaser for the series, this one is once again merely atmospheric, but the montage’s artistry is tantalizing. Hiro Murai, who has worked with Glover on Childish Gambino music videos, was behind the camera for the pilot.


Glover is also executive producing Atlanta, which premieres September 6 on FX at 10 p.m Eastern.