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Donald Trump is very concerned with impressing JAY-Z

(Photo: Getty Images, Gustavo Caballero)

Donald Trump likes to present himself as a tough guy who doesn’t need anyone’s approval or—ahem—consent, but like all men who think they’re bigger than everybody else, he’s really just a whiny little brat who is extremely insecure and hates the fact that so many people don’t like him. Today, Donald Trump is lashing out at JAY-Z for criticizing him, but rather than putting on the pompous “it’s all fake news!” production, he really seems to be making an effort to get people to life him. Of course, this is President Shithole we’re talking about, so he still completely misses JAY-Z’s argument and ignores the hip-hop mogul’s actual point.

This all started because JAY-Z appeared on Van Jones’ new CNN show on Saturday night, and when Jones asked JAY-Z if he thought that Trump deserved credit for reducing unemployment among black people, he thoughtfully rejected the notion by explaining that “it’s not about money at the end of the day.” JAY-Z also said that “money doesn’t equate to happiness”—a concept that probably baffled Trump if he actually watched the interview—and noted, “You treat me really bad and pay me well, it’s not going to lead to happiness. Everyone is going to be sick.” Trump latched onto the first part, naturally, and basically reiterated Jones’ original rhetorical question:


Jones responded, presenting Trump with a clip of the comment in question:

Tonight, JAY-Z is up for a bunch of Grammys, so hopefully he’s too busy with more important things to keep this feud going.

[via Deadline]


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