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Cobra Kai's getting a fourth season at Netflix

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The battle to find out who’s the best aging karate dad (aro-ound!) is set to continue for at least another season, as Netflix confirmed today that Karate Kid sequel series Cobra Kai has been renewed for a fourth season. The streaming series also announced that the show’s third season—which it picked up from something our sources continue to insist existed, called “You Toob Red”—will begin airing next year, starting on January 8.

Cobra Kai centers on the story of Johnny, the jerk from the first Karate Kid, whose subsequent life has turned out to have sucked about as much as you might expect, given that he seems to have peaked by losing a karate tournament in high school. Still played by William Zabka, Johnny attempts to atone for his various failures by restarting the Cobra Kai dojo, which not only reignites his rivalry with Daniel La Russo, but brings his malevolent former teacher John Kreese back into his life. (Also, a whole lot of teen drama with everybody’s various students/spawn.)

The show’s second season ended on an especially dark note, suggesting that, hey, maybe Cobra Kai is a fucked up philosophy to teach to kids, especially while also instructing them in the finer points of beating seven kinds of shit out of each other. That theme’s readily apparent in the above sneak preview clip of the show’s third season, which shows Johnny’s prize student, Miguel, in a coma after a fight gone disastrously wrong in the second season finale. Will Johnny be able to redeem himself? Will Daniel sell enough cars to keep up the payments on his very nice house? Will Miguel ever wake up? (Trick question, that part’s in the trailer. See, we knew you weren’t clicking this stuff.) Given that the show’s now got two more seasons to work all this stuff, we can only assume the answer to all those questions is: Probably!