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DVD Release List – 11/11/08

New music isn't the only media to be released on Tuesdays; it's unveiling day for new DVDs as well…

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Which complete series DVD box set would you like to buy this week? The Cosby Show? I Dream Of Jeannie? Little House On The Prairie? The Sopranos? How about the Blu-Ray edition of Firefly? Whether you're preparing for Christmas or just punting on network TV's lame fall season, there's plenty of TV-on-DVD hitting the racks these days, including a couple of curios for fans of the old-timey brand of television: a collection of broadcasts from the anthology series Studio One, and every color episode of the western series Wagon Train. In fact, it's a great week for archivists all around: Disney finally resumes it's "Treasures" series with the fourth volume of "The Chronological Donald" and two serials from The Mickey Mouse Show; MGM is offering a collection of 50 classic musicals; and Warner Bros. revives a trio of wartime musicals. And it's a good week for music buffs too; in addition to the musicals mentioned above, The Flaming Lips' oddball Christmas On Mars finally becomes available on DVD, as is a Smashing Pumpkins concert video and a collection of performances from the Live From Abbey Road series.

The Boys In The Band (Paramount, $26.98)

All Mine To Give (Warner, $19.97)

Band Of Brothers (HBO Blu-Ray, $99.98)

Beer For My Horses (Lionsgate, $27.98)

Blood And Bones (Kino, $29.95)

The Christmas Cottage (Lionsgate, $19.98)

Christmas On Mars (Warner, $19.99)

The Chronological Donald Volume Four: 1951-1961 (Walt Disney Treasures, $32.99)

The Commander: Set One (Acorn, $59.99)

The Cosby Show: 25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition (First Look, $124.98)

Dragon Ball Z: Season Seven (Funimation, $49.98)

Dr. Syn: The Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh (Walt Disney Treasures, $32.99)

Father Knows Best: Season Two (Shout! Factory, $39.99)

Firefly: The Complete Series (20th Century Fox Blu-Ray, $89.98)

Flying: Confessions Of A Free Woman (Alive Mind, $34.98)

Garbage Warrior (Morningstar, $24.98)

The General (Kino, $29.95)

George Gently: Series One (Acorn, $49.99)

The Hanoi Hilton (Warner, $19.97)

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Universal, $29.98/$34.98; Blu-Ray, $39.98)

High: The True Tale Of American Marijuana (Terra, $19.98)

Holiday Affair (Warner, $19.97)

Hollywood Musicals Collection (MGM, $499.98)

I Dream Of Jeannie: The Complete Series (Sony, $174.95)

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Lionsgate, $19.98)

It Happened On 5th Avenue (Warner, $19.97)

Johnny Carson Celebrates Christmas (R2, $14.99)

Little House On The Prairie: The Complete Series (Lionsgate, $279.98)

Live From Abbey Road: Best Of Season One (Navarre, $19.98; Blu-Ray, $26.98)

The Lone Ranger: 75th Anniversary – Seasons 1 & 2 (Classic Media, $119.95)

Love Songs (IFC, $24.95)

Madame Bovary (Koch, $29.98)

The Mickey Mouse Club Presents Annette: 1957-58 (Walt Disney Treasures, $32.99)

Mister Foe (Magnolia, $26.98)

Murdoch Mysteries: Movie Collection (BFS, $39.98)

MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge – Vol. 4 & 5 (Magnolia, $39.98)

Night Gallery: Season Two (Universal, $59.98)

Noelle (Paramount, $29.98)

Operation Valkyrie: The Stauffenberg's Plot To Kill Hitler (Koch, $19.98)

Opium: Diary Of A Madwoman (Koch, $26.98)

Planet B-Boy (Arts Alliance America, $19.95)

Quo Vadis (Warner, $20.97)

Scrubs: The Complete Seventh Season (Touchstone/Buea Vista, $29.99)

7th Heaven: The Seventh Season (Paramount, $49.98)

Shogun Assassin: 5-Film Collector's Set (Animeigo, $79.98)

Smashing Pumpkins: If It All Goes Wrong (Coming Home, $21.98)

Son Of The Beach: Volume Two (Shout! Factory, $39.99)

The Sopranos: The Complete Series (HBO, $399.98)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Warner, $28.98/$34.98; Blu-Ray, $35.99)

Still Life (New Yorker, $29.95)

Studio One: Anthology (Koch, $99.98)

Suburban Mayhem (Weinstein, $19.98)

Sukiyaki Western Django (First Look, $28.98; Blu-Ray, $34.98)

This Christmas (Sony, $28.96; Blu-Ray, $38.96)

Tracey Ullman's State Of The Union: The Complete Season One (Eagle Vision, $26.99)

Wagon Train: The Complete Color Season (Timeless, $119.98)

Warner Bros. & The Homefront Collection: Irving Berlin's This Is the Army / Thank Your Lucky Stars / Hollywood Canteen (Warner, $39.98)

Why Be Good? Sexuality & Censorship In Early Cinema (Image, $14.98)

Yu Yu Hakusho: Season Three (Funimation, $34.98)