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Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel might still be fighting

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Without a doubt, the single biggest news story of 2016 was when Dwayne Johnson called out one of his Fate Of The Furious co-stars for being a “candy-ass.” We later realized the candy-ass was Vin Diesel, then Johnson said that nobody was really a candy-ass, then we discovered that maybe Vin Diesel really was the candy-ass, and then the first Fate Of The Furious trailer—which features Diesel’s character betraying Johnson—suggested that this was all a viral marketing thing to sow seeds of mistrust between the members of the Fast And Furious family. However, a new report from The Hollywood Reporter makes it sound like this whole candy-ass feud is still going on.

According to the story, Diesel and Johnson are being “kept from one another” during the Fate Of The Furious press tour, and Johnson is even skipping a big screening of footage from the film during CinemaCon in Las Vegas today. Universal, the studio behind Fate, says the two have simply been separated because of their busy schedules, but THR‘s insider sources don’t buy that. They say the schedules could’ve easily been shifted around so they could both attend the screening and promote the movie together, but the studio (or whoever) wants to keep Diesel and Johnson apart.


This does absolutely nothing to disprove that theory that this is all being done for the movie, but it does seem like they’re dragging this out for a long time if that’s the case. Luckily, Fate Of The Furious comes out on April 14, so maybe these candy-asses will be friends again after that.