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Easy is ready to loosen things up even more in the trailer for season 2

Photo: Netflix

Joe Swanberg’s Easy was a somewhat unconventional add to the Netflix streaming lineup. The series deals with the love and sex lives of a variety of residents of Chicago’s North Side Lincoln Square neighborhood, and the improv-friendly director added a considerable level of openness and candor. Many of these residents return for season two: Married couple Elizabeth Reaser and Michael Chernus now investigate going past role-playing to an open marriage. Marc Maron and Michaela Watkins go on what looks to be a successful date. And Wiggleworms instructor/threesome partner Kate Micucci appears open to starting a new relationship. The real star of the show may be Lincoln Square, though; the neighborhood has never looked better. Check out all the relationship and sexual intertwinings when season two of Easy drops on Friday, December 1.


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