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Feud’s Jackie Hoffman didn’t play the gracious loser at last night's Emmys

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Most nominees at awards shows have their game faces carefully planned; otherwise, they run the risk of being the person who’s caught swearing when they lose, immortalized forever for being a poor sport (like Samuel L. Jackson, who was caught on camera saying “shit” when Martin Landau won Best Supporting Actor at the 1995 Oscars). That’s why, on most awards telecasts, you’ll see non-winners offer some (possibly forced) applause and a quick look around, and then we’re off to the (hopefully short) acceptance speech.

Either Feud: Bette And Joan’s Jackie Hoffman missed that memo, she just didn’t care, or she was pulling a fast one on all of us. At any rate, she is clearly seen saying an angry “Damn it!” not once, but twice, after Laura Dern’s name was called for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series Or Movie for her role on Big Little Lies at last night’s Emmy ceremony. Hey, you didn’t see Michelle Pfeiffer getting upset:

Granted, Hoffman’s Mamacita was a masterpiece, a once-in-a-lifetime role—but so was Dern’s Renata. (It’s a good thing we’re not Emmy voters, because that would have been a tough choice.) Hoffman then took to Twitter for a rant that’s either petulant or tongue-in-cheek, depending on how you look at it. Maybe both?


At any rate, it’s a more interesting story than that pinched smile and semi-enthusiastic clapping of most Emmy non-winners. Hoffman also tweeted out her forever love for her Feud co-star Jessica Lange.

In any year that didn’t have Big Little Lies in it, Feud: Bette And Joan likely would have dominated the mini-series categories. But no matter what, we’ll always have this:

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