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20.000 Besos

1h 31m


Walter Cornás (Juan)Eduardo Blanco (El Jefe)Carla Quevedo (Luciana)Franca Gallo (Ex-Novia de Juan)Gastón Pauls (Goldstein)Diego Fernández (Empleado de Oficina)Alan Sabbagh (El Cinéfilo)Clemente Cancela (Lipe)Alberto Rojas Apel (El Escribano)Laura Cymer (Andrea Portela)Julieta Finn (Vendedora de Bazar)Laura Azcurra (Melina)Ana Kogan (Sole)Liliana Carpenzano (Madre de Luciana)Héctor Castagnino (Padre de Luciana)Naiara Awada (Maru (El Hada Marrón))Laila Maltz (Euge (El Hada Verde))Carolina Rodríguez Carreras (Roni (El Hada Rosa))


Sebastián De Caro



Juan is a thirty who is bored with her current life. Time ago that you don't see your friends and only is dedicated to work - in a boring place - and to groom. Overwhelmed a day routine, separates "aimlessly". After spending a few nights in the House of his friend Goldstein, he is beginning to regain all that was forgotten. Rent an apartment, is reunited with his friends and when it begins to enjoy his life of newly separated, her boss assigns work next to Luciana, a friend from the office. What at first seems silly becomes a tedium. Juan does not tolerate anything to Luciana. But for those rare things that sometimes happen, Juan begins to fall for her. Will be Juan recovering its charms of Bachelor? Is o for the biggest mistake of her love life?