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Calling the Dead

1h 58m


Omer Pasha (Singer)


Omer Pasha



Its not a joke. God will choose for the ones to see and for the ones He will purposely make not see. 'Calling The Dead' it is not offensive to invoke the dead non-stop because it is they who are mind numbingly shriekingly desperate to make contact with any living, especially if they have left untimely and accidently. In the name of Elisha, Elijah, St. Peter and Christ the power combined, the dead are able to talk to the living and bond. The evening sunset that comes in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles the dead are fully alive. This genre of film is non-fiction reality tv. The music videos are based on true events and the ritual that follows at the end of this musical is real and authentic. To keep 'True Faith' in the entire State of California that yes they will come and they come. It is the dead. The most frightening experience filled with love and emotion. "Calling The Dead" is taken from "Barham Boulevard The Musical." It is that endless and repetitive journey in loop to break the barrier of this world and the next and it breaks... The point to dance is celebration of communication . Rituals at a grave and cemetery and a film about it is not offensive and disrespectful to the dead when they themselves are so demandingly desperate for communication with any living kind as they left the world untimely without saying goodbye to loved ones. But who of the living will believe that someone is seeing the dead and talking to them non-stop. It is not an hallucination, or a madness, it is real and the incident between Christ and Lazarus is real and the verses shall be recited on graves for the dead to make contact with the living. It is all done in very casual stance as God wants it. To take a bus from Colorado Street, Glendale to North Hollywood Station and wait for the 757 Clarita.. to see all the normal people normally returning from their work places, heading out, heading home, ordinary quarreling on seating, bus conductor checking fares, people with their groceries..