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Captagon: Breaking Bad Jihadists




Julien Fouchet



Fighting restlessly, beheading women and killing children with a smile on your face, nothing is easier with Captagon, the jihadists' very own amphetamine. Hundreds of millions of pills are produced in Syria, the new hub for a drug trade that feeds the most dangerous fighters in the world. When the Kurds seized Kobane, the jihadists' pockets were full of pills. Every day large quantities of Captagon are seized in Jordan on their way to the Gulf states, where the drug flows at all Saudi and Emirati parties. A trade that generates millions of dollars and ensures fighters are supplied with weapons, according to experts. In Jordan, a pill that costs 1$ is sold at around 20$ in Dubai's nightclubs. From Lebanon to Jordan, through Dubai, we will follow the trail of Captagon, a drug barely known in the West. From the ones who fight it to the ones who use it, we'll track smugglers with the Jordanian DEA, and meet former jihadists and refugees trying to escape their daily struggle.