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1h 39m


Louis Mandylor (William Rockman)Danny Trejo (Max Brito)Ken Shamrock (The King)Lee Reherman (Steele Manheim)Bobbie Blackford (Sgt. Kimberly Pepatone)Robin Joi Brown (Mary)Kimberly Rowe (Daria)Larry B. Scott (Technoid)Jeff Wolfe (Raymond Rockman)George 'Buck' Flower (Chip)Harrison Young (Senator Able)Cristos (Vedder)J.P. Wensel (Kobe)Paco Christian Prieto (Largos)Lelagi Togisala (Jackal)Fabian Carrillo (Latin Dragon)David Rowe (Mage)Richard Rabago (Japanese Master)


Peter Gathings Bunche



William Rockman is a champion "Terminal Combat" fighter who retired from the sport after accidentally killing a young man while training. Five years after his retirement, Terminal Combat has been banned by the government and has gone underground. The "new" Terminal Combat is just that; one combatant in each match usually does not live to tell about the experience. When Rockman's younger brother is killed in one of the underground matches by his old rival, the King, Rockman enters the tournament to exact revenge on the King, not knowing that the King and his wife, Daria, have been enslaved by Max Brito, the tournament's greedy promoter. When it becomes known that Brito intends to rake in huge bucks for a rematch between Rockman and the King (their last fight 5 years before had ended in a draw), and that he also intends to kill the King either inside or outside of the ring (and therefore keep Daria for himself as a concubine), Rockman, the King, and other tournament survivors band together to plan Daria's rescue and their escape.