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Mohamed Zran



December 17 was the day on which Mohamed Bouazizi set fire to himself in front of the Governor's seat in Sidi Bouzid, the epicentre of middle Tunisia. Those flames of youth and ideals spread to the Arab countries and so dictatorships, unassailable walls until then, started to crumble down one after the other, like houses of cards. Then, very rapidly, the Islamists will take hold of and confiscate the revolution from the young and the proletarians who have achieved it and invented it on the streets, in public places and even on roofs. Today, the Islamists in power are threatening to shatter the dreams and hopes of a whole generation. They put at risk the achievement of the objectives of this revolution, namely individual liberties, social justice and simply the right to be happy here below... GET OUT shows the genius of simple people who have achieved the first revolution in the Arab world without any support from the Islamists and their kinds among whom Islamic fundamentalists, veiled women adjusting to the spirit of the times and preachers from the Dark Ages are only the tip of the iceberg...