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En Purushan Ethir Veetu Ponnu

2h 10m


AbhinayashreeRadhika ChaudhariPandiarajan


Barani Kumar



Pandian (Pandiarajan) is a milkman in his village, he lives away from his wife and takes care of his grandmother (Paravai Muniyamma). Pandian is friend with his neighbour and college student Rekha (Sanghavi), she considers Pandian as her uncle. Pandian's uncle Manikkam (Alex), who lives in the next village, is a drunkard and has two daughters : Parvathy (Radhika Chaudhari) and Meenakshi (Abhinayashree). The eldest Parvathy is a soft-spoken woman while Meenakshi is a short-tempered woman. A few months ago, Pandian and Parvathy got married and lived together happily. To celebrate his wedding, Pandian arranged a party with his friends. Pandian drank a lot of alcohol and was completely plastered, back home, he tried to misbehave with Parvathy's sister Meenakshi. The heart-struck Parvathy then went back to her father's home with Meenakshi. Chokku (Bharathi) is a money lender and a sick womanizer in his village who ruins many villagers lives. He tries to woo the bubbly Meenakshi but she rejects his proposals. One day, Meenakshi kills him and she doesn't have any other choice to kill herself. After the loss of her beloved sister, Parvathy goes back to her husband. Afterwards, Parvathy starts to suspect her husband relationship with Rekha. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.