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Food Mood Body Connection




Gary Null, Richard Polonetsky



In the Food Mood Body Connection, Gary Null Ph.D. and 15 of the world's top medical experts show you specifically how diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation and other lifestyle choices profoundly affect your moods, energy levels, overall health and longevity. You'll learn all about: Why depression is on the rise and how to reverse it - naturally How anxiety leads to numerous health conditions and how to reverse it The foods you must consume to maintain a healthy brain for life The popular breakfast that is a major contributor to heart disease How to combat fatigue and have abundant energy The real dangers of caffeine and sugar How to naturally rebalance brain chemistry How to naturally rebalance the hormonal system How to maintain a healthy heart for life And lifestyle changes you can make to dramatically increase your health After viewing this special, you will gain an awareness of powerful, eye-opening information and learn proven methodologies that will dramatically improve the quality of your life.