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1h 10m


Morrison James (Hunter Bob McCoy)Mia Holland (Sally McCoy)Bryce Daniel Crawford (Steven)Jules Ott (TBD)Keisha Crawford (Counselor Jane Patterson)Daniel Crawford (Detective Hype)Chet Heard (Detective Strong)Hamp Mathis (John)Andrea Ott-Dahl (TBD)Asia Surtee (Dr. Asia Kapur)Theo Haddon (Hunter Thaddeus Dupree)Gaetano Lardieri (Butch)Delaney Ott-Dahl (TBD)Saori Wilcox (Saori (Pook Nookie) and Thai)Maggie Hilario (Rita)Daniel Wright (Bruno)Aadil Amod (Bruce)Keston Ott-Dahl (TBD)


"Freddrow" © the movie is a 2D traditional hand drawn frame by frame animated movie with a 3D surprise. It will be in theaters worldwide in 2020. The movie "Freddrow" © is about the various events of a Fox and the people and animals he meets. "Freddrow"© was produced, character created, written, and traditionally hand drawn animated by JoAnn Pinkney Wilcox. It is a YeePeeDee Production Studio ® Film. The movie "Freddrow" © touches on various life events, and teaches you how to over come such events like being bullied, having down syndrome, autism, aging, animal cruelty, being too young, and many other adversaries of life. The movie is full of different people of culture, race, gender, religion, ages, and animals all working together to help make sense of this world we live in.