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I Left My Girlfriend for Regina Jones

1h 30m


Trae Ireland (Rickey)Elise Neal (Regina Jones)Wesley Jonathan (John Mr. MVP)Kj Smith (Denise)Vanessa Williams (Rebecca)Adele Givens (Alice)Karlie Redd (Tina)Adiz Benson (Tonya)Thea Camara (Connie)David Leonard (Mike)Jenean Coleman (Dawn)Azza Brummer (Sheila's daughter)LeChez Davis (Jazzy)Ethan Ireland (John Jr.)Johnny Markham (Johnny Domino)Neko Sparks (Danny)Lisa Yaro (Sheila)


Christopher Nolen



Chicago native blue collar hard worker RICKEY BARNES (Trae Ireland) has dreams and aspiration of owning his own plumbing business. But when his best friend and MVP NBA star, JOHN (Wesley Jonathan) takes him to a Celebrity charity event, he's left in shock to find his fantasy dream girl and Movie star actress REGINA JONES (Elise Neal) in attendance. After an arrogant, yet friendly, monetized wager of $50.000 made by Mr. MVP for Rickey to ask and go out with Regina on a date. Rickey contemplates the decision that will lead to satisfying two agendas. One to meet and hopefully spend intimate time with Regina Jones and use the 50K towards his business. After Rickey introduces himself to Regina, things turn out exceedingly better than Rickey could ever imagine when Regina Jones falls in love with him. Rickey's dream has now become a reality and they continue to date. All is great until the paparazzi get wind of the happy couple. A media storm blows up with gossip blogs, talk shows, radio etc...that eventually reach Rickey's now live-in childhood girlfriend, DENISE (KJ Smith). After Denise threatens to leave the relationship and kick Rickey out of their home. Rickey seeks knowledge from the only person who knows him...his mother Alice (Adele Givens). She tells Rickey that Denise is serious about the separation and has already found an apartment, signed the lease and is scheduled to move in two weeks. Rickey must now decide to get Denise (the woman of his life) back or stay with Regina Jones, (the woman of his dreams).