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Io ti assolvo

1h 39m


Gabriel Garko (Francesco)Lorenzo Flaherty (Commissario Lariano)Cosima Coppola (Matilde Visciano)Andréa Ferréol (Veronica Zunin)Stefania Sandrelli (Mirella Pensotti)Toni Bertorelli (Renato Zunin)Alberto Molinari (Enrico Pieroboni)Guia Jelo (Madre Matilde)Gerardo Amato (Padre Raul)Sara D'Amario (Eleonora Zunin)Sergio RomanoAlessandro AdrianoSergio Arcuri (Lorenzo Pensotti)Beppe ChiericiRoberto Nobile (Vescovo)Valentine DemyAndrea Di CasaDaniela Fazzolari (Rosetta)


Monica Vullo



Francesco (Gabriel Garko), after ten years, returns to the town that has seen her grow and everything is like then, only he really has changed. He became Fr. Francesco. By taking the vows she has tried to erase the juveniles burned in wrong choices, bald attitudes, dangerous friendships, but life sometimes closes the accounts left open. A terrible fact brings the young priest to the places of his tough youth. Frustrated with the pain, Fr. Francis agrees to replace the pastor Father Raul (Gerardo Amato), his spiritual father, barbarously killed in the church. A few days before being assassinated Father Raul had sent a letter to the Bishop asking for urgency to be dissolved from the vows. A sudden and completely abnormal decision, for this reason Francesco is involved in the investigation that will be followed by the murder .