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Know Thy Enemy

1h 26m


Sheaun McKinney (Nate Harris)Marlon Taylor (Razor Ric)Jeremy Gimenez (Stan)Bechir Sylvain (Jason)Susie Abromeit (Pearl)Andre L. Gainey (Raymond Harris)Tamara McGill (Michelle)Lyndon Burden (Pone)D.J. Nealy (Young Nate)Tim Mackey (Gunplay)Rob Goodman (Ben Greene)Khambrel Robinson (Young Razor)Kevin A. Walton (Byron)Jerome Tubbs (Dough Dough)Lela Elam (Schoolteacher)Omari Dowe (Cdub)Paul Costa (V.J.)Larry Robinson (Jazz Club Owner)


Lee Cipolla



Nemesis is the hottest rapper in rap's hottest city; Miami, the 305. But he has a little secret...he's not really a rapper. As a boy the artistic Nate Harris drew cartoons and dreamed of changing the world. A record label discovers Nate's talent, and offers to make him a star, as a rapper. They create Nemesis, a Hip Hop gangster designed to sell records and spit hate. Fame quickly follows, but at a price. The fans demand true street cred, and to get it, Nate's label turns a fellow rapper and former childhood friend against Nate, spawning a rap feud. The feud quickly escalates into a war, and Nate is trapped in the reality of the fiction he has created. Nate is faced with a choice: Either become a superstar by giving Hip-Hop what it wants; a war between two rap rivals, or, give it what it needs; destroy his real rival, the fictional character and become a true hero; he has the ability to save hip hop...but can he save himself?