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Quakers: The Quiet Revolutionaries

1h 48m


Richard Nurse (Narrator)Andrew Muir (Voice of George Fox)Sandra Rose Timson (Margaret Fell)Jason Cutts (William Penn)Robert Shearn III (Yaff)Rich Swingle (John Woolman)Doug Thomas (Plantation Owner)Marc DeBlasi (Prisoner)Jill Chestnut (Maidservant)


Janet P. Gardner



Activists say they stand on the shoulders of their Quaker forebears as they plan non violent action campaigns. They speak coming out of a gathered silence in hopes of building the kingdom of God on earth. But they did introduce solitary confinement to the US prison system- the 'Great Quaker Mistake.' Following seven iconic Quakers, the film takes us from England in 1652, where Quakers were persecuted, tortured and even killed, to their arrival in the New World. They founded a state run on Godly principles - the Holy Experiment, envisioned by young William Penn. He welcomed everyone to Pennsylvania, where they could worship freely. Their testimonies of equality, integrity, community and peace are fundamental to Quakers today. Others whose lives we'll recall include civil rights activist Bayard Rustin; suffragist Alice Paul; and abolitionist and women's rights pioneer Lucretia Mott. Controversial Quaker presidents, Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover are also featured. In business, Quakers once distinguished themselves by insisting on fixed price trading, insuring a reputation for reliability and honesty. They rose in banking and business. Today the Earth Quaker Action Team is making a difference in climate change, focusing on banks financing mountain top removal. What can we learn from these Quakers about resistance in the age of Trump ? Can they lead us?