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Seducing Maarya

1h 47m


Nandana Sen (Maarya)Cas Anvar (Zakir)Vijay Mehta (Ashish Chatterjee)Ryan Hollyman (Michel)Mohan Agashe (Vijay Chatterjee)Abhishekananda Singh Birla (Babu)Cecile Cristobal (June Moon)Hunt Hoe (Albert Woo)Xavier Georges (Spike)Todd Moxness (Skip - Band)Kanika Kapoor (Street Couple)Paraish Misra (Young Zakir)Mary Wong (Mother)Chloe Wong-Mersereau (Mother)Keero Birla (Man walking with Woman on street)Veena Sharma (Young Maarya)


Hunt Hoe



Vijay Chatterjee was born in British India, and his dad was a freedom fighter. Unable to handle the riots between Hindus and Muslims in the late 40s, the Chatterjees first immigrated to Britain, and then to Toronto, Canada, where they enjoyed considerable bliss in the company of other Canadians from Bangla Deshis, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans, and opened a restaurant. Shortly thereafter, the restaurant was attacked and pelted with stones by White Supremacists amidst cries of 'Pakis go back home'. An unsettled Vijay, who was now married to Sangeeta, and had a son named Ashish, re-located to Montreal, where he opened a Restaurant named 'Delhi'. After Sangeeta passed away, Vijay meets with a beautiful young florist named Maarya, and convinces her to first starting working as a Cook in his restaurant and then to get married to Ashish, which she does. Although both Vijay and Ashish are initially fascinated by her. Things do not go as planned when Maarya finds out that Ashish is homosexual, has a male friend named Michel Diol, who he likes to hang around with; and eventually starts falling in love and being intimate with her father-in-law. Things get worse when another male, Zakir, enters their lives - and it is this entry that will turn their lives upside down - especially when they find out that Maarya is pregnant - and may have a dark side to her character.