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Sonja and the Bull

1h 43m


Judita Frankovic (Sonja Sterle)Goran Bogdan (Ante Kevo)Dejan Acimovic (Stipe otac)Ivo Gregurevic (Antin otac)Elvis Bosnjak (Mate Mlikota)Csilla Barath-Bastaic (Nika Pofuk)Barbara Prpic (Franka)Vladimir Tintor (Davor)Vlasta Ramljak (Antina majka)Zeljko Mavrovic (Sonjin otac)Ante Sucur (Stipe djed)Marko Petric (Stipe mladic)Franko Jakovcevic (Stipe djecak)Niksa Eldan (Roman)Filip Eldan (Sinisa)Drazen Cucek (Kristijan)Zlatan Zuhric-Zuhra (Petar Karaman)Mila Elegovic (Gda. Toninic)


Vlatka Vorkapic



A comedy about two people with different world-views, from different places, whose fate, with the help from a bull Garonja (a name given to the black bulls in villages of Croatia), intertwine. Ante (Goran Bogdan) is a peasant from Dalmatian hinterland, a son of an bull fights organizer, and skilled insurance salesman. He is known by his powers of persuasion. At the voting for the Law for animal protection, biggest controversy is considering bull fights. Sonja (Judita Frankovic) is from Zagreb, an inveterate activist fighting for animal rights. In Dalmatian hinterland nobody can understand her attitude. They conclude that Sonja, regardless of the declared intense love of animals, would not dare stand in front of a bull. About Sonja and Anthony , the central pair who in his romantic comedy game going a little farther - a little back, a series of actions is carried out in the style of a wild untamed satire at the expense of local "yellow" media and important institutions such as the Croatian Parliament.