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Tangled 8

1h 37m


Kate Jurdi (Julie Ann)Sal Rendino (Vincent Anthony Conti)Cynthia O'Neil (Gillian)John Depew (William Michael Harrison)Allison McCall (Juliana)Kevin O. Peterson (Xavier E. Strong)Anna Rizzo (Jill)Cate Carson (Leah Anne Miller)Yerania Del Orbe (Julia Anna)Samuel María Gómez (Javier Ramon Salazar)John E Seymore (Jude)Fiore Leo (Lucious Theodore Mann)Elizabeth Lardie (Juliet)Shawn Reardon (Byron John Garrett)Sarah Cote (Jules)Tony Ramos Wright (Robert Stanley Carson)


John E Seymore



Tangled 8 is eight adaptations of the same script. The film explores the ways in which people of diverse social backgrounds, races and age manage grief through its different phases. Originally conceived as a single short film, director John E. Seymore re-imagined the piece as an anthology feature, based partly on the musical concept of variations on a theme. The script remains largely the same, but the action, visualization, situation and sound vary greatly with each new vignette. Finally, Tangled 8 is a film about film. It pays homage to John Ford, Woody Allen, Peter Greenaway and other filmmakers who have created the visual and thematic language of modern cinema.