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That Girl Montana

1h 8m


Blanche Sweet (Montana Rivers)Mahlon Hamilton (Dan Overton)Frank Lanning (Jim Harris)Edward Peil Sr. (Lee Holly)Charles Edler (Akkomi)Claire Du Brey (Lottie)Kate Price (Mrs. Huzzard)Jack Roseleigh (Max Lyster)


Robert Thornby



Lee Holly, a card shark, has brought up his daughter, Monte, in boys' clothing, She escapes to an Indian village when Holly is chased out of town and remains there two years with her friend Akkomi, resuming feminine attire and taking the name Tana. Dan Overton, a young prospector, becomes interested in her and takes her to live with white people in a boardinghouse. She is introduced by Dan to his mining partner, Harris, as "Montana Rivers," the daughter of a partner of his, but Harris recognizes her as "Lee Holly's brat" and denounces her. Dan defends her, and after Harris suffers a paralyzing stroke, he relents and makes her a partner in their mine. Holly comes to their camp after they strike gold and is killed by Harris, who learns that Tana is the daughter who was stolen from him. Dan's unfaithful wife is killed by a jealous lover, freeing him to marry Tana.