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The God Complex

1h 59m


Gust Alexander (Al Marty God)Ted Nichelson (Adam)Y.K. Chan (Pete)Mary Moorefield (Eve)Bill Devlin (Noah)Suzanna Griffith (Yessah)Max Webb (Ham)Paul Bunnell (Swiss)Jed Rowen (Si)Kim Thomassen (Telly)Allison Meriwether (Barb)Scott Douglas MacLachlan (Abraham)John Armstrong (Isaac)Dani Leon (Sarah)Max Cartagena (Job)Angela Hennessy (Job's Wife)Michael Raye (Moses)Ashlie Rhey (Zepporah)


Mark Pirro



The God Complex is a comedy re-telling of the silliest stories in the Bible, and with a touch of logic, made just a bit sillier. All your favorite characters are there; God, God's girlfriend Barb, Gay Joseph, Virgin Mary, Virgin Mary's Gynecologist, Noah and his wife Yessah, their sons Ham, Swiss and Rye, Adam and Eve and Pete, Moses, the tested and tormented Job, and of course - Jesus. The film covers the world from "in the beginning" to today, where God and Jesus walk among us disguised as a mild mannered employees for a great metropolitan toy manufacturer. The God Complex was featured at the 2010 Burbank International Film Festival and the 2011 International Freethought Film Festival, and is the official rejection of 10 other prestigious film festivals.